VR Progress Bar

In summer 2016 we were creating a prototype of cardboard VR shooter, and I have an idea to put a health and shield indicator to bangle on a virtual player hand. Later I was thinking that if it works for us it’ll work for others, so I started to create a Unity package that can procedurally generate circular progress bar mesh. It took more time than expected (as usual with software projects), I rewrote value changing algorithm several times, and after New Year holidays the package was accepted in Unity Asset store under a name «Yet Another Progress Bar». Not a good marketing name, I thought after a month without sales, so I renamed the package to «VR Progress Bar», after that, sales began to grow.

You can check WebGL demo: VR Progress Bars demo
or read the documentation: YetAnotherProgressBar_HelpV1.pdf
or you can buy and download «VR Progress Bar» in Unity Asset Store: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/#!/content/103677

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