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На сайте компании в разделе Engineering есть вакансия визуализатора данных (Data Visualization Scientist). Интересно глянуть какими навыками должен обладать человек собирающийся заниматься визуализацией данных. Самое главное — у соискателя должна быть высокая мотивация). А из технических навыков нужно знание R, JavaScript-библиотек визуализации данных (d3, Raphael, ProcessingJS и Polymaps) и т. д. Еще требуется опыт работы с большими массивами данных и знание архитектуры http://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/MapReduce.

Полный текст вакансии с сайта http://twitter.com

Data Visualization Scientist

Full-Time — San Francisco, CA

About this Job
We’re looking for highly motivated individuals to help us visualize Twitter’s massive dataset. As a Data Visualization Scientist on Twitter Analytics Team, you will use visual representation of data to help us understand how our users engage with the product and interpret real world events and other phenomena using our rich data sets. You should be passionate about finding insights in data and report insights to the company and external parties.Responsibilities

  • Work with large (terabytes of data, billions of daily transactions) structured and unstructured data sets.
  • Work closely and iterate quickly with other teams throughout the organization.
  • Manipulate data using a mix of SQL, Pig, R, and other scripting languages.
  • Visualize data using a mix of Javascript, Processing, R and other languages.
  • Summarize and report findings in both oral and written form.


  • Extensive understanding of data visualization principles.
  • Experience with web-based visualization technologies like d3, Raphael, ProcessingJS and Polymaps.
  • Experience with large datasets and map-reduce architectures like Hadoop.
  • Experience with statistical programming environments like R.
  • Previous experience working in team environments with limited supervision.

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