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VR Progress Bar

In summer 2016 we were creating a prototype of cardboard VR shooter, and I have an idea to put a health and shield indicator to bangle on a virtual player hand. Later I was thinking that if it works for us it’ll work for others, so I started to create a Unity package that can procedurally generate circular progress bar mesh. It took more time than expected (as usual with software projects), I rewrote value changing algorithm several times, and after New Year holidays the package was accepted in Unity Asset store under a name «Yet Another Progress Bar». Not a good marketing name, I thought after a month without sales, so I renamed the package to «VR Progress Bar», after that, sales began to grow.

You can check WebGL demo: VR Progress Bars demo
or read the documentation: YetAnotherProgressBar_HelpV1.pdf
or you can buy and download «VR Progress Bar» in Unity Asset Store:!/content/103677

Wire Terrain

Wire terrain package allows you procedurally create wireframe meshes from Unity Terrain objects. Generated meshes are native Unity meshes that are created with flag “MeshTopology.Lines”. These meshes are created in 3d space.
There are two types of wire representation that you can create from terrain:
— Contours
— Grid

Wire Primitives

I’ve made an asset for Unity that procedurally creates mesh primitives, but not the primitives with polygonal faces, but wireframe primitives. Check it out: Wire Primitives.

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